Here we go Corgi Lovers.  I have decided to start a blog to provide information that may be useful to new corgi owners.  The plan will be to choose a topic weekly that you all might find useful in raising your dogs, or fun topics such as the amount of hair that corgis shed (most folks know they shed pretty much another corgi it seems at times..LOL) and ways to control (live with) it ?

In any case, I hope to bring the experience of 38 years in a veterinary practice, along with my years breeding Corgis to provide some guidance and assistance that may be beneficial in enjoying your family member – your corgi.

We will be exploring a range of topics as I think of them, but please feel free to contact me at if you have a topic, you would like me to touch on or you have any questions.

Keep lovin’ on those Corgis and please check back with us often to see what’s happening!


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