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Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what the current owners of our corgi litters have to say about our work and their fur babies!

Hear from Happy Corgi Parents!

“We got our Sparky from Dawn last year. Sparky is now one and a half years old and is a big, fluffy boy. He’s a little brother to our older corgi, Ruby. She hasn’t forgiven us yet, haha. I would highly recommend Dawn! She is a conscientious breeder, and her puppies are raised with love. She sends your puppy home with a bag of thoughtful and fun goodies too!”
- Arlene Andre Crandall

“It is very fortunate that we have found a caring, professional, and very responsive breeder like Dawn. She cares about all her puppies and puts lots of efforts to make sure that they get all the necessary exams, vaccines and deworming that are needed from the vet. As a vet technician and manager of a veterinary clinic, Dawn is generous about sharing tips and essential info to raise a healthy and happy corgi via messages and book recommendations. Having trained and lived with a corgi previously, I find that the puppy we got from Dawn possesses excellent personalities and physiques: our puppy Ozzy is energetic, curious, playful, alert and calm when necessary (of course, since he’s still a puppy, he’s on his path pf learning everything just like all young and old dogs). He is an avid and independent learner for sure! Due to Dawn’s devotion to socializing the puppies to cats, dogs of other breeds, and humans, Ozzy is friendly toward all humans and nonhuman beings he’s encountered so far. I feel only a detailed review like this can at the least do some justice to how wonderful Dawn is as a breeder. I highly recommend this breeder to those who are looking to have an intelligent, focused, athletic, adventurous, and fun-loving corgi!”

- May Hsinmei Lin

“My daughter has a Rockin Corgi—a huge, fluffy boy. He is very handsome, and we had a wonderful experience getting our grand dog from this fantastic breeder! She has amazing puppies. Joey is now one and a half years old and very healthy!”
- Susan Wallenberg

“So impressed with Dawn and the team? Quality, compassion and knowledge. I can highly and gladly recommend her!!!”

- Sherri Mark Bryant-Azbill

“Our little guy from Dawn is the best gift in our life? It’s our first time to get a corgi puppy. The puppy we got is healthy and has a great temperament. Dawn has been showing us so many great things to care for and love our puppy. She’s always there no matter what questions we have and how many questions we have. I can’t appreciate it enough. She is beyond knowledgeable and caring. We are so lucky to get our baby from them.”

- Shiqi Dotson

“Oh my gosh! Dawn was great to work with! We picked up our puppy yesterday. She had a bin of toys, treats, dog bags, dog wipes, blankets, puppy pads, etc ready for us as a care package. She clearly cares for her animals. She has decades of veterinary experience which is huge to me. I highly recommend her and will go back if we get a 3rd someday.”

- Julia Mount

“We got Toby from Rockin’ DA Corgis last year when he was ten weeks old. He is our first baby and just turned one! Dawn was amazing to work with; she gave us a huge bag full of new goodies for our new baby, which was super helpful because we were very unprepared, lol. The bag had puppy food, probiotic powder for an upset tummy, food and water bowls, toys, bones, treats, a blanket, etc.
She answered all my new-owner questions for the next few days after we brought our baby home. She is with you when you need her and still keeps in touch with Toby and us. I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder. We are hoping to get another already! ❤

Toby has been a complete joy this entire year. He is a beautiful baby with a huge personality. Everyone he meets just falls in love with him. He is easy to train, loves everyone, loves other dogs, and is very easygoing. Best little traveler, hiker, and camper. She breeds high-quality dogs with amazing temperaments.”

- Cheyenne Shipley

“My little sable female has been wonderful, not only is she balanced and socialized, but she is also gentle and litter box trained. She’s got a lot of spunk but at the end of the day I don’t have any of the puppy “horror stories” to tell because she’s just wonderful and that has everything to do with how Dawn raises her puppies.

- Jessica Anderton


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